TodoUsability - Atlas of Economic Models

Usability Planning and Todos


  1. User arrives at front page (what if don't?)
    • New: see New User story
    • Experienced: see Experienced User story
    • Contributor: see Contributor story
    • Editor: see Editor story

New User

  1. New - want to find out what's going on
  2. models
    • Click on first model visible - make sure first one is a good exemplar
  3. Click on exemplar and read it
    • Either want to read more or want to contribute
    • If contribute go to Contributor Story
  4. If want to read more go to experienced user

Experienced User

  1. Aim: find a model
  2. Go to models page
    • Browse
    • (Search functions) -- not necessary yet
  3. Read selected model
    • Read more - go back to step 2
    • Want to contribute: see Contributor story

Remember that:

  • Distinction between model and summary pages
  • Summary pages can use Categories to list all pages (in case haven't explicitly linked)
  • Summary pages guide users in to particular topic areas

Becoming a Contributor

  1. What is a contributor?
  2. How to become an contributor
  3. Create an account
    • Need approval by an editor? Currently no
  4. Given instructions on what to do next
    • Rules of engagement/community norms
    • Getting started document
    • Go to contributor story...


  1. Sign in
  2. Decide what to contribute
    • e.g. choose whether to edit an existing page or create a new one
    • May know/may not
  3. Options:
    1. Create new page
      • Put in models page?
    2. Browse list of 'pages wanted' or general todo list
    3. Pages needing proofing

Contributor identifies loose ends

  • Todo: How to identify when a page needs cleaning up



  • Default - not reviewed tag. Can be updated when 'accepted' by an editor - DONE

  • Allocation device for new entries to editors


  • How to details for contributors and editors - DONE

  • Charley: write up learning process. Getting Started Page. How to write maths/wiki. Examples - DONE

  • Feedback form.
  • Models page: - DONE

    • Make sure main headings are hyperlinked - brief description/summary then category list
    • Move micro above macro
    • Need to add instructions/assistance on how to find a particular model
  • Modify template - add 'reviewed by'/'proofed by' and CategoryNotReveiwed tag as part of template - DONE