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Hi everyone, A member of the Spaces team, came up with a great tool to help cleanup comments or trackback spam! It's a great little tool but I want to let everyone know that it is completely unsupported and use at your own risk! However, we know that alot of you out there have been asking for something similar to this, so I thought it Asus A42-W1 battery would be great to include you on this, until the spaces elves create a permanent solution!


  • Spaces Cleanup Tool

    I often find myself cleaning up comment or trackback spam. These are comments Asus A42-L5 battery or trackback that are either out of scope or are attempting to drive traffic to a specific site. Currently, it is very tedious to delete multiple items. I created the Spaces Cleanup tool to help.

    Before I explain the tool, I want to be clear that this tool is not endorsed or supported. I have tested this tool against my own space. Feel free to use this tool at your own risk. It is very likely Asus A42-M2 battery this tool will be broken at some point by an update to Spaces (it is designed so I can update it if necessary), and I expect, like the original Edit It tool, will become unnecessary in the future. What is the Spaces Cleanup Tool?

    It is a button you can add to your Internet Explorer toolbar (via your favorites). When you are Asus A42-M6 battery editing your space (either the "Home" Page or "Blog" Page, select this tool from favorites menu to convert all the individual delete options to checkboxes. You can quickly check multiple items and delete them. On the "Blog" edit page, if you expand any items, you can click the Spaces Cleanup button again to reconvert any new delete buttons.

    When you are finished selecting items for deletion, click the Asus A42-V6 battery "Permanently Delete Checked Items" button added to your web-page (immediately below the Home, Profile, etc., tabs). Once confirmed, sit back, and the selected items will be deleted. Once all the items are deleted, the page will reload. How do I Install the Spaces Cleanup Tool? Visit the Spaces Cleanup Tool page and follow the instructions.