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Help On Summaries

Summary pages are a useful tool in the Atlas as they give an overview of the models and main ideas or assumptions in a particular topic or family of models, for example Growth_Models. To create a summary page simply create a new page and use the SummaryTemplate (a blank page already tagged with CategorySummary). Remember to add this to the models page in place of the heading or sub-heading which will now become a hyperlink rather than plain text.

In the AtlasModelTemplate there is a section for "Related Models". As well as tagging similar models with a category, it is useful to make particularly clear links between models explicit using this section. It may also be that models are tagged with different categories but actually use similar principles, so "Related Models" allows the exploration of links between different disciplines of economics, which is the main purpose of the Atlas.

It is also possible to 'reuse' a section in many different pages such as the standard assumptions of a family of models. For example, Imperfect_Competition_Framework is reused in many of the Imperfect_Competition_Models. To do so use the [[Include(pagename)]] macro (view the "Raw Text" of Monopoly_Model for an example).