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Help On Citations

The Atlas contains a Bibliography page where all articles which have been cited in the entire network of models are listed. In general, the "Suggested Citation" (part of the AtlasModelTemplate) for a particular model page will be the author themselves, since the model presented will be their own description and interpretation of models presented the literature (which therefore falls under the license and doesn't need editing from the AtlasModelTemplate).

However, if a page draws heavily on material from a particular article (or articles), it is encouraged that this be referenced in the Bibliography using the steps below (with the example of Spence_Signaling_Model):

1. Find the desired article at and download the reference in BibTeX form

It should look like this:


  • author={Spence, A Michael},
    title={Job Market Signaling},
    journal={The Quarterly Journal of Economics},


NB Other search sites can be used, but RePEc is useful since the reference can be found already in BibTeX rather than having to convert it

2. Add to the Bibliography page

Click 'Edit' in the box on the right-hand side of the Bibliography page, then copy and paste the BibTeX reference. Each article should be separated by a "}" on a separate line, with the entire list preceeded by "{{{#!bibtex" and suceeded by "}}}".

3. Change the name of the article

As a convention articles are cited as "author_year" if there is a single author or "firstauthor_ea_year" if there are multiple (all lower case). The first line of the BibTeX reference is therefore edited to:


not forgetting the comma at the end of the line.

NB Not all articles are prefixed by @Article, for examples of other types visit the Bibliography page and select "Raw Text" from the drop-down "More Actions" menu at the bottom of the page.

4. Cite the article on the model page

Use the [[Cite(article)]] macro to cite the article in the form "author_year" or "firstauthor_ea_year" on the model page. For example:

"This model is taken from Spence's 1973 paper 'Job Market Signaling' ([[Cite(spence_1973)]])."

which displays as

"This model is taken from Spence's 1973 paper 'Job Market Signaling' (spence_1973)."

5. Create a bibliography on the model page

Add the [[Bibliography]] macro to the bottom of the model page to create a list of all articles cited on that page:

Error: "bibtex2html" could not be found or executed by Bibliography