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The Atlas of Economic Models

The Atlas of Economic Models is an online project to consolidate and describe in a single knowledge base the core repertoire of models used by economists. For each model the Atlas aims to provide a full description together with additional material such as explicit analytical solutions to special cases and details as to how models inter-relate. It is this focus on documenting these relationships between models that motivates the use of the term 'Atlas' in the project's title. More about the atlas can be found on the about page.

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Community Editable, Openly Licensed

The Atlas of Economic Models is a community-based project with most content editable by anyone who wishes to contribute. Specifically we're managing the content in a wiki and to edit any given page all you need to do is click on the edit button at the bottom of that page. More information on using the wiki can be found via the links below.

Additionally all content is openly licensed. That is all material is made available under a license that permits it to be freely used, reused, shared and redistributed by others. Further details on the license page.